Privacy Policy

By using this website, and/or submitting your contact details via the forms on this website, you agree to be receive promotional messages and phone calls via email, phone or other means of communications. Our executives will call you to share the details of our properties and other offers.

You agree that by use of this website and sharing your contact details via forms on this website, you agree to receive sales messages/calls/email/other messages from our executives & associates, overriding your choice or registry in Do Not Call or other registry.

You personal details are not shared with anyone other than our executives and associates.

We do not collect any personally identifiable information without your explicit acceptance or action such as filling out and sending enquiry forms.

We use advertising on your websites, and your visits can be tracked to serve ads, improve website experience, provide personalised advertising or content and, but not limited to, remarketing ads.

We and/or third-party services used on this website make use of cookies and other tracking mechanisms to gather information for providing personalized content and ads. Your IP, browser and other personally non–identifiable information is automatically collected.

This privacy policy can be changed or revised without prior notice. You are bound to follow the privacy policy along with the terms of  use of the website.

Updated: 30 December 2017